Great things are made here.

By: Vanessa Wagner, Director of Business Development & Strategic Programs

The Golden Isles has a long history of attracting and growing companies that make great things. Since World War II, manufacturing has worked in the Golden Isles. At that time, Brunswick had become a hub of activity for shipbuilding and the development of the U.S. Navy blimp base “Glynco.” Today, our manufacturing firms vary in the products and customers they serve; from equipment for National Defense contractors, craft beverages to organic skincare products, great things continue to be created in the Golden Isles. And while technology has changed the modern manufacturing landscape, our roots run deep in the innovation and grit essential in building today’s world-class products.

From artisans to global producers, makers find the Golden Isles a community that removes barriers to growth, including: 

  • Low operating costs resulting from single-factor apportionment, lower annual wages, and additional tax benefits like Foreign Trade Zone #144
  • Logistics network to move supplies and products  
  • Talent development is a priority here, with tailored programs for industrial businesses

The Golden Isles is also a community where the leadership and residents recognize the importance of the manufacturing sector and support its growth, including investing in resources for its continued success. 

The Golden Isles Development Authority (GIDA) is among the organizations investing in the manufacturing and industrial sector of the region. This past year GIDA has invested in industrial parks to improve the available sites and prepare infrastructure for future growth. 

The Golden Isles community recognizes the value of supporting small and emerging manufacturers since this makes up most producers in our state. In fact, most manufacturers in the United States are small, with three-quarters of firms in the manufacturing sector having fewer than 20 employees. (Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Statistics of U.S. Businesses). 

Supporting the entrepreneurs and artisan makers in the community is a priority. Each month GIDA hosts “maker meetups” to help connect growing firms to share best practices, inform of new resources, and network with available support. 

The best way to understand what is possible for your business in the Golden Isles is to learn more about the great things already being made here. This summer, you can follow us on Instagram or Facebook to meet the companies and artisans making great things here.  

If your business has questions about locating or growing here, our team is available. We welcome the opportunity to help you find the right location, funding tools to support your expansion, and connect you to regional/state resources to grow.

Send us a message to start the conversation about the great things you make and how we can help you make them here.

Watch Interviews and Live Tours with Golden Isles-Based Makers

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