Signing Day Celebrates Students Entering the Workforce in Glynn County, GA

Similar to special events for high school athletes signing commitment letters to colleges where they will play sports, the Golden Isles College & Career Academy (GICCA) recognized students in its programs who have accepted full-time jobs in their chosen job field, right out of high school.

At GICCA’s inaugural Draft Signing Day, held on Monday, May 15, families, local businesses and members of the school community watched 43 students sign letters of intent. These students have chosen to maximize their high school experience with career training and industry recognized certifications.

For Brian Weese, CEO of GICCA Foundation and Workforce Strategy Leader for the Golden Isles Talent Development Strategy, it’s a wonderful way to celebrate the students who are going straight into our workforce in high-paying and essential careers, as well as applaud local businesses who have opened their doors to our students and recognize their potential.

“These students – and the industry partners who are taking them on as new hires or interns – are the backbone of the Glynn County workforce. They make us proud and will continue to make us proud,” Weese said.

In addition to highlighting the programs offered to help set students up for success, the signing day spotlights the students who have successfully secured the first step to their future by committing to employment.

“I cannot stress enough the importance of this event. We often celebrate athletes who are accepted to college to play a sport or students who receive scholarships for their academic rigor but far too little focus is given to these young men and women who truly are the lifeblood of our economy,” said Dr. Joseph Depenhart, principal of GICCA and CTAE director for Glynn County Schools.

While it’s a big day for the students heading out into the workforce, it’s also a great day for local businesses, which are filling vacancies with graduates who want to stay in their hometown.

Businesses who participated in the Signing Day ceremony and have accepted either new hires or interns include Yancey Bros. Caterpillar, Certified Electric, Gulfstream, Haven Manufacturing, Full Moon Electric, Jered, King & Prince Seafood, I-95 Toyota, IAP, J&J Tire, Jesup Health and Rehab, and Thaw Electric.

“It’s exciting to see our school system, GICCA, the business community, and our parents come together to celebrate a milestone in these students’ lives, but also to see our best and brightest students start meaningful careers right here in the Golden Isles,” said Ryan Moore, president and CEO of the Golden Isles Development Authority.

“I could not be prouder of the work that GICCA is doing, and the passion the staff has for the next generation. Congratulations to all the companies who tapped into one of this region’s most meaningful resources – a steady stream of young, talented individuals.”

Successful companies here in Glynn County need people with engineering + manufacturing skills to keep production going strong. Receive great pay and on-the-job training in a rewarding career. Be a part of what makes Glynn County thrive, with skills that will continue to be in high demand into the future.