Federal Business Zones

The Federal Government has several designations for geographic locations to incentivize investment in these areas or benefit businesses operating in those areas. Federal business zones within Glynn County, GA include Foreign Trade Zone #144, the Federal Opportunity Zone Program, and the SBA’s HUBZone program.

Foreign Trade Zones in Georgia

Foreign Trade Zones are a huge advantage to businesses that import and export goods. Locating a business within a Foreign Trade Zone allows a company to delay paying duties. There are several other benefits to locating within a Foreign Trade Zone.

Foreign Trade Zone #144

The Brunswick and Glynn County Development Authority is the Grantee of Foreign Trade Zone #144 (FTZ #144), one of three Foreign Trade Zone Grantees in Georgia. The other two are headquartered in Atlanta and Savannah. Foreign Trade Zone #144 covers most of Southeastern Georgia, bounded by I-75 on the west, McIntosh County, and Dublin, GA on the north.

By becoming a sub-zone grantee of a Foreign Trade Zone, manufacturers are allowed to delay paying U. S. Duty fees on imported goods (raw materials, finished goods, partially finished goods, etc.) by temporarily staging these products within the designated boundaries of an FTZ sub-zone. While in this sub-zone, these products can be upgraded, repaired, or modified without paying the duty. If the products were then directly exported back off-shore without actually entering the United States officially, no U. S. duty would be paid. However, if the finished product were shipped from the FTZ sub-zone to a final destination within the United States, then the receiving company would be liable for the U. S. duty owed on the product.

The greatest benefit for FTZ sub-zone grantees arises from products having a very high value. Within FTZ #144, the majority of materials passing through the various designated sub-zones are automotive vehicles. Other current sub-zones are importing high value metals and products for processing and then returning them overseas for installation into the final product. During 2014, the value of products passing through Foreign Trade Zone #144 totaled over 5.2 Billion dollars!

Foreign Trade Zone Savings Calculator

Use the following calculator to estimate your company’s potential savings from operating with foreign-trade zone status.

Common Questions About Foreign Trade Zones

Foreign Trade Zones can be located just about anywhere and can be as small or as large as they need to be. Some take up several hundred acres like the Port of Brunswick and some are just large enough to cover certain sections of a warehouse.

Counties other than Glynn are able to take advantage of the Foreign Trade Zone. The Brunswick and Glynn County Development Authority primarily uses FTZs as a tool for economic development. Let us know if you’d like to learn how we can help establish a FTZ in your county.

There are many variables from one project to the next that it’s too difficult to say in general terms. The best way to get started is to just give us a call (877-265-6629) to discuss your project.

Keep in mind that Foreign Trade Zones are usually only worthwhile if you are working with high-value products.