Students gained work experience through a new summer internship program

The final days of summer are closing in, marked by the upcoming Labor Day holiday. Undoubtedly, the question at many holiday gatherings with family and friends will be, “How did you spend your summer.” For many students in our community, the responses will be to the new skills they learned or gained worked experience. 

Several organizations in our community provided students with internship opportunities, including a pilot program hosted by the Boys and Girls Club of Southeast Georgia (BGCSEGA) with Jekyll Island Authority (JIA). The Golden Isles Development Authority (GIDA) helped make the introduction earlier this year and is excited to share that the partnership for this pilot was a success.

Ryan Moore, GIDA President & CEO, has been a volunteer on the board of BGCSEGA for the past two years. It was during one of these board meetings that the idea of an internship was pitched.

“We know that a talented and diverse labor market and talent pipeline is critical to attract, retain, and expand businesses. Helping local students and their families discover and explore careers in the community is one step we can take to maintain a strong pipeline,” said Ryan Moore.

Ryan didn’t have to look far for an organization open to the pilot turning to members of the GIDA Board. This resulted in a discussion with human resources at the Jekyll Island Authority (JIA) about how an internship program would help share with the community the many roles available at JIA.

For the pilot program, Marketing Department was able to accept up to four students. The JIA agreed to provide a staff liaison, training, and a set schedule for twenty hours per week. The BGCSEGA equipped the interns with transportation and was able to pay the students for their commitment to the internship. 

In total, three students participated in this past summer’s program: Steve Allen – Landscaping Operations Department, Michaun Collins – Marketing Department, and Charlotte Dezzi – Marketing Department.

With a successful pilot completed, The Boys and Girls Club will be seeking other businesses to partner with to expand the program next year. 

“Boys & Girls Club of Southeast Georgia is committed to navigating our members in college and career planning processes by exposing them to careers, developing essential skills, and applying their skills in real-world work experiences. Hosting internships with local employers is an important tool to help fulfill these commitments and reach our mission of enabling youth to reach their full potential,” Becky Etter, Area Director for BGCSEGA.

The BGCSEGA internship is just one of the talent development programs available to students and adults living and working in the Golden Isles. An inventory of available resources is updated and promoted to help businesses and residents connect with programs that meet their goals. Here, you can find organizations that offer summer programs for students, professional service certifications, and career readiness coaching for adults.

In partnership with the Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce, GIDA is committed to expanding these programs’ impact on the community. One of the ways we are achieving this is through the implementation of the Talent Development Strategy

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until next summer to take advantage of other programs in our community. Visit to discover how you can add new skills or work experience to your resume. 

For businesses interested in how to how they can use these programs to solve their workforce challenges contact GIDA today.

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