The Golden Isles Development Authority Purchases Georgia Breakbulk Logistics Park

The purchase of the Georgia Breakbulk site will provide a competitive advantage in the site selection process for industrial opportunities and the potential for economic growth in Glynn County.

Glynn County, GA February 16, 2023 – The Golden Isles Development Authority (GIDA) announced yesterday their purchase of Georgia Breakbulk Logistics Park. The property is approximately 1,400 acres and was previously owned by Weyerhaeuser for timber production. To successfully compete for jobs and investment, it is vital for GIDA to control logistically advantageous industrial property with infrastructure and engineering in place. GIDA is currently working with several large manufacturing projects who are considering the Georgia Breakbulk site as a possible location for their future investments.

“This purchase of the George Breakbulk Logistics Park is a great example of intentional growth planning. About a year and a half ago with Ryan’s leadership the Board decided to pursue this property because of its extremely unique business growth resources and location. Those being mainly power, water, rail, and proximity to our port. With the County’s support this vision is now a reality. We want to thank the community and Glynn County for their support and contribution to making this huge investment a reality. We have every reason to believe, based on the number of businesses that have expressed a serious interest in locating some or all their business here, this will add new companies’ new jobs and new opportunities to our Golden Isles community.” Bill Austin, GIDA Board of Governors Chairman

Given the increased activity at the Port of Brunswick, the site is uniquely positioned in the market:

• The heart of the tract is a 400-acre contiguous site, five miles from I95 and seven miles from GPA’s Colonel’s Island Facility
• The site is rail served by G&W providing access to both CSX and NS mainlines
• The site has frontage and a median cut on Hwy 82, a four-laned limited access highway
• The site is already zoned appropriately for industrial use
Brunswick-Glynn County Joint Water and Sewer Commission has water facilities at the tract, and sewer is only a short distance away
• The site has access to heavy load power facilities, including onsite distribution lines and transmission lines in the vicinity
The Breakbulk property is the one of only a few sites in Georgia with access to a breakbulk facility and rail access with all infrastructure in place. These and other critical site location factors that encompass the area will provide GIDA with advantages when targeting capital intensive manufacturing entities that require rail, particularly those that support the electric vehicle industry.

“This property is unique in the State and positioned well to support the growth of capital-intensive rail dependent
industry. This purchase is evidence of our Board’s visionary commitment to jobs and investment in Glynn County. We
are excited about good things to come.”, Ryan Moore, CEO and President, GIDA